A Kitchen Banquette for City Living


As one would imagine, working with designers often means, “Here, build this, but change the color and shape to fit the client’s needs.” In late 2015, this little kitchen banquette project came my way and I was asked to copy something I had done several years ago. But the more the designer and I looked at the previous project, the more we realized it needed some changes. And so that’s what we did.

This little piece went to an apartment on then upper eastside of Manhattan and sits up against a wall behind a lava stone table. The most challenging aspect to this task was creating the arms which flared out. It took a ton of wood, and a whole lot of sculpting with the belt sander to create their graceful shape. The piece was assembled and then received a sprayed finish.

Kitchen banquette - detail photo

The final touches came when I installed cushions which were supplied by Custom Decorators form Denville, NJ. We collaborate on a regular basis and I enjoy doing so.