I’m a lover of the art deco period and so when given the opportunity to design for myself or others, I look to emulate the simplistic lines and focus on the quality of materials.

The first thing to consider are the lines of the piece to be built and try to incorporate curves.  There aren’t too many straight lines in nature and so it’s my belief that my furniture should reflect where it came from.  A tree.  Not to mention that wood, when it arrives on the delivery truck, is a planar material.  Anyone can work with flat materials, but when you begin to bend and shape that material, then you’re really working it.

Once I’ve decided on a shape and determined the proper proportions, then I begin to select the materials to be included in the piece.  I love creating formal pieces that are simple, and show-off the beauty of the wood grain.  I’ve also begun to incorporate metals into my pieces.   I love the glint of polished nickel, whether it is a trim line wrapping around a piece or the sabots on the feet.  It’s like the jewelry of a piece and it says refined when it is tastefully done.

I’ve also become a fan of contrasting beautiful woods like ebony or walnut against a polished lacquered surface.  Nothing like buffing out that baby like a car!  Glossy and dripping wet to the eye.

And lastly, a beautiful finish can really make or break a piece.  I am really fortunate to be able to work with the best materials available in nature.  I just hope that I’m doing them justice.