An Unusual Wine Cabinet for Display

The Inspiration

While traveling in Australia, a client of mine, fell in love with the way a restaurant had created this floor to ceiling wall for displaying its wine collection. It was pretty cool to see what they came up with, so I can’t take total credit for the design. I will, however, say that I took their concept a few steps further and provided some additional benefits.

The Wine Cabinet Layout

The space I had to work with was a perfect 10 feet tall and 10 feet wide, but instead of duplicating a stationary wall, I created a series of doors and drawers for hiding all sorts of things.

If standing in front of the piece and looking at the cabinet, I hid two wine fridges in the bottom left and right corners behind walnut panels. In the center was a stack of storage drawers. Above, I created four large doors for displaying my client’s wine selection. Each door was massive and quite heavy, even without the bottles in place. So I went the extra mile and included steel in the doors and the main structure of the piece. I didn’t feel wood would hold up over time I didn’t want to get a phone call saying “A door just fell off.” And to this day, I haven’t heard a peep.

Behind each door was storage for all sorts of things: wine glasses, plates and anything else. The entire project was built and finished in Beacon, NY and then driven to Jersey City, NJ for installation. After two days of work, the cabinet was tied into place using the apartment’s crown molding. It looks like it was original to the townhouse.

The client was very happy with the results and so was I.