.Hi,  I am Mark H. Luedeman and I design and build custom furniture.

In the 30 plus years of collaborating with designers and fellow artists, my work has evolved to emphasize the beauty of wood, in combination with glass, metals, natural materials and specialty finishes.  It’s about becoming one with my tools and materials, creating a partnership, being patient, and giving myself to the task in the most artful way.  I feel very fortunate to work with the world’s finest materials and create one-of-a-kind pieces for my clients.

I knew early on that I had a keen eye for detail and it was during these formative years that I recall my mom encouraging me to, “Create your own! No paint by number for you!”

Twenty years later, I left the Midwest and began working as a freelance photo assistant in New York City developing my darkroom skills, as well as, my eye for lighting and composition.  Four years later, I began building scenery for the same photographers I used to assist.  My name and reputation quickly spread and soon I was creating displays for showrooms and collaborating with interior designers on upscale Manhattan apartments.  It was the start of something great!

My mom’s mantra still echos in my head.  Today, designers and clients present me with opportunities to start from scratch and “dream things up” which is exactly where I want to be – the designer and the builder.

Inspiration for my clients’ pieces often comes from nature, as well as, the artists of the Art Nouveau and Art Deco periods.  My personal designs typically focus on one or more of the following core elements: the natural beauty of wood, the structure and proportions of a piece and the color and finish.

All three of these elements appear in my latest venture – designing lamps and lampshades, which has allowed me to fully express my creativity.

I currently call the Hudson Valley my home.  My pieces are primarily acquired by clients living in New York City, but also grace the homes of others around the country.  Photos of my work have also appeared in the following magazines: Architectural Digest, Westchester Home, Interiors and Galerie.